[{"id":575,"post_name":"1-why-is-your-mask-better-than-others","post_title":"1) Why are our masks better than others?","answer":"There are a number of reasons why you might choose a Sulis mask over the numerous others available in the market.\r\n\r\nYou can be assured it has been sewn to the highest specifications and standards.\r\n\r\nIt has been created by a group of seamstresses who have more than 200 years experience between them and pride themselves in the quality of work they produce.\r\n\r\nThe business was initiated by Bath Theatrical Costume Hire which has a 5* service rating and has been successfully trading for 51 years.\r\n\r\nThe masks have been designed with understanding that while wishing to accommodate all requirements of health and safety, there is no need for it to be anything less than a fashion accessory.\r\n\r\nIf we are going to have to do this, we might as well look good while we\u2019re doing it!\r\n\r\nIf your Sulis mask is part of your fashion image, we can provide other matching accessories to complete your look.\r\n\r\nNothing but the finest fabrics and materials have been used to create a comfortable and safe mask."},{"id":576,"post_name":"2-is-the-mask-medical-standard","post_title":"2) Is the mask medical standard?","answer":"The mask is not of medical standard but provides an essential additional level of safety."},{"id":577,"post_name":"3-how-do-i-put-the-mask-on","post_title":"3) How do I put the mask on?","answer":"You have been provided with instruction on how to put the mask on.\u00a0\u00a0 Release the toggle to maximise the length of the elastic.\u00a0\u00a0 Place the mask in front of your face, pull the bottom elastic over your head and place at the lower back part of your head.\u00a0 Take the top elastic and pull it over your head.\u00a0 Adjust the tension of the elastic with the toggle and stretch the mask to cover your face."},{"id":582,"post_name":"4-i-wear-glasses-how-do-i-stop-my-glasses-from-steaming-up","post_title":"4) I wear glasses, how do I stop my glasses from steaming up?","answer":"When you fit the mask to your face, ensure the top shaped side of the mask is placed at the top of your nose.\u00a0 Squeeze the pin from each side of your nose until comfortable.\u00a0 Be sure to wear your glasses over the side of the mask. This will ensure your glasses do not steam up."},{"id":584,"post_name":"5-is-the-mask-washable","post_title":"5) Is the mask washable?","answer":"Yes"},{"id":585,"post_name":"6-do-i-have-to-handwash-the-mask","post_title":"6) Do I have to handwash the mask?","answer":"No \u2013 it can be put in the washing machine."},{"id":586,"post_name":"7-how-do-i-wash-it","post_title":"7) How do I wash it?","answer":"The mask can be placed in its laundry bag and put in the washing machine.\u00a0\u00a0 It is understood that this process is sufficient to eradicate any traces of the virus."},{"id":587,"post_name":"8-how-often-do-i-have-to-wash-it","post_title":"8) How often do I have to wash it?","answer":"We would suggest you wash it at the end of each day\u2019s use."},{"id":588,"post_name":"9-do-i-have-to-iron-the-mask-after-washing","post_title":"9) Do I have to iron the mask after washing?","answer":"No, you can hang it to dry.\u00a0 It can be ironed, but it is not necessary."},{"id":589,"post_name":"10-what-is-the-laundry-bag-for","post_title":"10) What is the laundry bag for?","answer":"You have been provided with a colour co-ordinated laundry bag.\u00a0\u00a0 Place the mask in the bag, tie the cord and put it in the washing machine."},{"id":590,"post_name":"11-what-if-the-elastic-gets-caught-in-the-washing-machine","post_title":"11) What if the elastic gets caught in the washing machine?","answer":"If you put the mask in the laundry bag provided, this will not happen. \u00a0Be sure to tie the cord in a knot before placing it in the washing machine."},{"id":591,"post_name":"12-if-i-order-more-than-one-mask-do-i-get-more-than-one-laundry-bag","post_title":"12) If I order more than one mask, do I get more than one laundry bag?","answer":"Yes.\u00a0 Each mask is provided with its own matching laundry bag."},{"id":592,"post_name":"13-how-often-can-i-use-the-mask-before-it-has-to-be-washed","post_title":"13) How often can I use the mask before it has to be washed?","answer":"It is recommended to wash the mask after a day\u2019s use with the filter being replaced in each different environment."},{"id":593,"post_name":"14-when-does-the-mask-need-to-be-replaced","post_title":"14) When does the mask need to be replaced?","answer":"The mask is made of very high-quality tana lawn cotton.\u00a0 It is unlikely the colour will fade after numerous washes, but it is recommended you have more than one cotton mask at your disposal so one can be in the wash while the other is available to wear.\r\n\r\nIf you consider how many washes a liberty print shirt might go through before it starts to lose its pattern, the same applies to the mask."},{"id":594,"post_name":"15-do-you-have-to-take-the-nose-clip-out-before-washing","post_title":"15) Do you have to take the nose clip out before washing?","answer":"It is recommended that you remove the nose clip before washing."},{"id":595,"post_name":"16-do-i-have-to-remove-the-toggle-before-washing","post_title":"16) Do I have to remove the toggle before washing?","answer":"No, it is not necessary to remover the toggle."},{"id":596,"post_name":"17-do-i-have-to-remove-the-filter-before-washing","post_title":"17) Do I have to remove the filter before washing?","answer":"Yes, this should be discarded after use."},{"id":597,"post_name":"18-does-it-come-with-a-filter","post_title":"18) Does it come with a filter?","answer":"Yes"},{"id":598,"post_name":"19-what-is-the-filter-made-of","post_title":"19) What is the filter made of?","answer":"Two layers of activated carbon sandwiched between two layers of non-woven cellulose and covered with a layer of dipril which is heat-sealed."},{"id":599,"post_name":"20-where-does-the-filter-go-on-the-mask","post_title":"20) Where does the filter go on the mask?","answer":"You have been provided with instruction on how to replace the filter.\r\n\r\nOn the inside of the mask, there is a sleeve which is accessible from both sides - Insert filter here."},{"id":600,"post_name":"21-can-i-re-use-the-filter","post_title":"21) Can I re-use the filter?","answer":"No, the filter is single-use, so it should be replaced each time you enter a new environment."},{"id":601,"post_name":"22-can-i-cut-the-filter","post_title":"22) Can I cut the filter?","answer":"No, it is layered and has a heat-sealed edge. Cutting it will release the effectiveness of its internal properties."},{"id":602,"post_name":"23-can-i-buy-extra-filters","post_title":"23) Can I buy extra filters?","answer":"Yes.\u00a0 We sell them in packs of 10."},{"id":603,"post_name":"24-is-there-anything-else-i-can-use-as-a-filter","post_title":"24) Is there anything else I can use as a filter?","answer":"You can use non- woven cellulose cloth although this does not have the same quality of filtration."},{"id":604,"post_name":"25-how-do-i-alter-the-elastic-on-my-mask","post_title":"25) How do I alter the elastic on my mask?","answer":"The mask has been fitted with an adjustable toggle.\r\n\r\nPress the top of the toggle, pull the elastic through until the mask fits comfortably on your face.\u00a0 Release the toggle.\u00a0 It is not necessary to release the toggle each time you put the mask on.\r\n\r\nOnce it has been adjusted for your fit, the elastic can be stretched when you put the mask on and take it off."},{"id":605,"post_name":"26-can-i-have-ear-loops-instead-of-round-the-head-elastic","post_title":"26) Can I have ear-loops instead of round the head elastic?","answer":"Of course, you can.\r\n\r\nWe have put round the head elastic on all our masks because of the feedback we have had that it is more comfortable.\r\n\r\nThis, of course, is a matter of personal taste, so let us know your preference when you order your mask."},{"id":606,"post_name":"27-can-i-adjust-ear-loops","post_title":"27) Can I adjust ear-loops?","answer":"Yes, the silicon adjuster enables you to alter the cord for a comfortable fit."},{"id":607,"post_name":"28-how-do-i-replace-the-nose-clip","post_title":"28) How do I replace the nose clip?","answer":"You have been provided with instructions on how to replace the nose clip.\r\n\r\nOne end of the nose clip channel is not sewn closed, insert the nose clip at one end of the channel, move it along to the middle and fold it to comfortably fit the shape of your face."},{"id":608,"post_name":"29-do-the-masks-come-in-different-sizes","post_title":"29) Do the masks come in different sizes?","answer":"Yes: children\u2019s 6 \u2013 9, 10 \u2013 12, adult medium and extra-large."},{"id":609,"post_name":"30-what-if-i-have-a-beard","post_title":"30) What if I have a beard?","answer":"Extra-large masks have been designed to accommodate a beard."},{"id":610,"post_name":"31-is-the-mask-reversible","post_title":"31) Is the mask reversible?","answer":"No, the patterned cover is the outside, with the filter fitting between the outer layers."},{"id":611,"post_name":"32-what-is-the-mask-made-of","post_title":"32) What is the mask made of?","answer":"High quality 100% Liberty tana lawn cotton.\u00a0\u00a0 The inner lining is made of 100% poplin cotton."},{"id":612,"post_name":"33-where-did-the-sewing-pattern-come-from","post_title":"33) Where did the sewing pattern come from?","answer":"The pattern was created by our own seamstresses, after consultation with frontline workers who had to wear the masks for extended periods of time.\r\n\r\nAfter a few alterations to the pattern, the one we now use met all the criteria of comfort and safety."},{"id":613,"post_name":"34-where-are-the-masks-being-made","post_title":"34) Where are the masks being made?","answer":"They are all hand made in the UK.\u00a0 Currently, they're made by a team of seamstresses who operate under the name of the Bath Theatrical Masketeers.\r\n\r\nThey were making masks for front-line workers during lockdown (distributing some 5500 to essential workers).\r\n\r\nSome of the Masketeers were made redundant from their permanent jobs and we have created this team to \u2018keep Britain working\u2019."},{"id":614,"post_name":"35-are-the-designs-limited-to-what-is-on-your-website","post_title":"35) Are the designs limited to what is on your website?","answer":"The print selection is not finite, there are limited editions of each print.\r\n\r\nWe will continually update the selection available and advise of new prints which will be available."},{"id":615,"post_name":"36-how-can-i-find-out-when-there-will-be-new-patterns-available","post_title":"36) How can I find out when there will be new patterns available?","answer":"If you create an account on our website we will be sure to send you updates.\r\n\r\nAlternatively, you can call us on (01373) 472786<\/a> or email us on baththeatrical@talktalk.net<\/a>"},{"id":616,"post_name":"37-can-i-buy-a-sulis-mask-anywhere-other-than-your-website","post_title":"37) Can I buy a Sulis mask anywhere other than your website?","answer":"There are limited boutiques who stock our range of masks, but they do not necessarily have the latest range of fabrics which are available on our site."},{"id":617,"post_name":"38-can-i-buy-as-a-gift-for-someone","post_title":"38) Can I buy as a gift for someone?","answer":"A Sulis mask would make a lovely gift for someone.\r\n\r\nWhen you order, there is an option in the accessories panel for the purchase of a gift box, which will also give you the option of sending us the wording of a gift card which we would be happy to enclose."},{"id":618,"post_name":"39-can-you-deliver-to-a-different-address","post_title":"39) Can you deliver to a different address?","answer":"Certainly, just provide us with the address of where you would like it to be sent."},{"id":619,"post_name":"40-can-i-get-a-discount-if-i-order-more-than-one-mask","post_title":"40) Can I get a discount if I order more than one mask?","answer":"If you order 10 masks you can have a bulk discount rate.\r\n\r\nThe discounted rate of \u00a330 per masks is only applicable for purchases in batches of 10. Up to 10 individual sales of \u00a345.00 each."},{"id":620,"post_name":"41-can-i-exchange-a-mask-after-purchase-if-i-decide-i-dont-like-the-print","post_title":"41) Can I exchange a mask after purchase if I decide I don\u2019t like the print?","answer":"We would be happy to replace the mask if the mask is found to be faulty, but, for health and safety reasons, it cannot be exchanged after purchase.\r\n\r\nThe masks undergo rigorous quality control so it shouldn't have been dispatched with any faults, but if for any reason this is not the case we'll happily replace the mask."},{"id":621,"post_name":"42-how-long-will-i-have-to-wait-for-my-mask-to-be-delivered","post_title":"42) How long will I have to wait for my mask to be delivered?","answer":"As each mask is hand made to the buyer\u2019s personal requirements, there is not a shelf stock available.\r\n\r\nIt is likely you will have to wait approximately 5 days for your creation to be despatched.\r\n\r\nWe then rely on the efficient service of the postal and courier services to deliver them to your address."},{"id":623,"post_name":"43-can-i-personalise-my-mask-with-a-different-colour-cord","post_title":"43) Can I personalise my mask with a different colour cord?","answer":"Certainly, the colour options are available on the website."},{"id":624,"post_name":"44-can-i-personalise-my-mask-with-different-colour-toggles","post_title":"44) Can I personalise my mask with different colour toggles?","answer":"Yes, the options we recommend for each mask are featured on the photo\u2019s on our website.\r\n\r\nHowever, should you wish to have any of the toggles available (as displayed on the website), please let us know under \u2018special requirements\u2019."},{"id":625,"post_name":"45-can-i-personalise-my-masks-with-different-colour-lining","post_title":"45) Can I personalise my masks with different colour lining?","answer":"If you would like us to, let us know what colour lining you would like under \u2018special requirements\u2019."},{"id":626,"post_name":"46-can-i-have-a-laundry-bag-which-matches-the-mask","post_title":"46) Can I have a laundry bag which matches the mask?","answer":"We have matched laundry bags with the lining of each mask.\r\n\r\nIf you would prefer the bag to be a different colour, please let us know."},{"id":627,"post_name":"47-can-you-make-matching-accessories-such-as-hair-ties-or-bow-ties","post_title":"47) Can you make matching accessories such as hair ties or bow ties?","answer":"We certainly can, the option of accessories is not limited.\r\n\r\nPlease let us know what you would like and we can discuss options and prices with you directly."},{"id":628,"post_name":"48-what-do-i-have-to-do-make-an-order-for-special-accessories","post_title":"48) What do I have to do make an order for special accessories?","answer":"Complete the \u2018please contact me\u2019 section in the special requirements box.\r\n\r\nWe\u2019ll be happy to contact you to discuss the details."},{"id":629,"post_name":"49-if-i-have-a-request-for-a-particular-colour-mask-can-you-personalise-my-requirements","post_title":"49) If I have a request for a particular colour mask, can you personalise my requirements?","answer":"Of course we can. Perhaps send us a photo of the outfit you would like to match with and we can make a selection for you."},{"id":630,"post_name":"50-is-there-an-extra-charge-for-making-a-particular-colour-for-me","post_title":"50) Is there an extra charge for making a particular colour for me?","answer":"There will be an additional charge which will be determined by your final choice of print."},{"id":631,"post_name":"51-can-i-buy-one-mask-for-my-partner-and-i-to-wear-as-only-one-of-us-goes-shopping-at-a-time","post_title":"51) Can I buy one mask for my partner and I to wear as only one of us goes shopping at a time?","answer":"No, you should never share your mask with anyone."}]