Our History

Welcome To Bath Theatrical Masks

Bath Theatrical Masketeers was created during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.   There was a desperate need in the care sector for protective clothing.  We had sewing machines, … we had fabric, and we had seamstresses.  It seemed only logical to utilise the hundreds of years’ experience we already had, to make quality masks.

 From our homes, we started making a few.  One care provider then asked us for 1000 and that was more than we could handle on our own. So we did a call out for help. 

Within two weeks we had 50+ volunteers, had raised over £2000 to buy supplies and started producing masks. 

The initial design of the pattern was adapted after consultation with the care workers who had to wear them on the front line.   Although they do not meet medical specifications, they do add an essential layer of protection.


Various members of the Masketeer team were featured on Ross Kemps Volunteer Army documentary feature on BBC1 in May 2020.

As at the beginning of August, the Masketeers had distributed nearly 5500 masks to a variety of front- line workers including care homes, care providers, schools, postal services.   A selection of children’s sizes is now in production, and a combination of adult and children’s masks are being given to food banks to be included in care parcels.

For several reasons, the concept of mask making was then developed on a commercial basis with the Masketeers introducing a range of brands.  

Firstline:  a polycotton mask with a range of prints available to purchase by members of the public.  Made by Masketeers who were formally volunteers but have sadly been retrenched from their regular jobs under the current circumstances.

Corporate Cover:   directed at the small business owner who would like to have corporate branded masks but who is not in a position to benefit from the cost savings of the mass market.  We can keep it small, affordable, personal and a very effective marketing tool as well as a safeguard for staff.

Sulis:  the masks of distinction.   Made with the highest quality Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric lined with 100% cotton.  Limited editions of these exquisitely made masks are supplied with a personal option of coloured cord and toggles, as well as a mask laundry bag and an option of matching accessories and gift box.  These are the ultimate fashion accessory for the discerning lady or gent.

A percentage of each Sulis mask sale is donated to a cause for whom its recipients’ plight has been exacerbated by the COVID Pandemic.  In this case PromiseWorks, an organisation which supports youngsters in the care system.

Masketeers main objective is to ‘keep Britain working’. Whether this be providing work for formerly employed seamstresses; enabling seamstresses to work from home or supporting the small business who is having similar survival challenges.

In addition, by providing re-usable masks, we are making a contribution to preventing the ever-increasing tonnage of disposable masks now threatening our fragile ecological system.

The Masketeers were started by Bath Theatrical, a 51-year-old family business which provides costumes to the theatre and leisure industries.  Two of sectors hardest hit by the lockdown and subsequent measures of the social distancing.   By swivelling our business objectives, even in the short term, we hope to be able to keep the cash flow moving so we can continue to employ our dedicated and very skilled team.  We believe that one day when society regains a sense of normality when the theatres once again open and events are launched, we will be able to open our doors and continue to serve our wonderful, fun customers…. and continue to do so for at least another 50 years!

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